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Urea - Unibond 800 - 1 gallon medium tint

SKU#: Adhesive - Urea - Unibond 800 - 1 gallon
Our Price:

Product Overview

A two part liquid / powder urea resin adhesive. Comes with medium tinted catalyst.

Product Details

Unibond 800 is a modified urea resin formaldehyde two part adhesive with a translucent liquid resin and a powdered catalyst. Unibond 800 is designed to provide a rigid, gap filling glue line with faster than usual set times.

Distinctive Properties
Rigid glue line - Eliminates crazing and cold creep.

Low pressure bonding - Excellent gap-filling abilities up to 0.02.

Highly water resistant - Good for moisture sensitive areas.

Adjustable set time - Set times can be altered by temperature and mixing ratios.

Excellent open assembly time - Perfect for large panels and multi-layered laminations where clamping pressure may be delayed.

Mixes easily - Does not lump - and cleans up with soap and water.

Low shrinkage - For maximum panel stability.

One gallon Unibond 800

NOTE: Unibond can be shipped via air.

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