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Hofer Koptronik case clamp

SKU#: Hofer GM 035 Koptronik Case Clamp
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Product Overview

Heavy Duty - Koptronik

Product Details

The Koptronik is efficient and flexible - Get a better perspective and increase your output while decreasing the costs.

Great versatility with regards to usage and operating characteristics. Used to press cupboards, drawers, round top frames, designer furniture and much more.

The case clamp Koptronic is very versatile. The intercombing pressure walls are absolutely parallel and accurately perpendicular to the frame construction.

The pressing force is built-up via gear motors which can be set for each pressure wall individually. Pressure regulators are used adjusting the pressure.

Standard machine consists of:
- Working size 98.4in x 155 in x 27.5in
- Intercombing pressure walls
- Lockable main switch
- Joystick control switch for 8 movements
- Automatic control via proximity sensors with electronic pressure surveillance
- Press and adjusting speeds are 1 and 2 inches per second
- Perimeter safety line.

Four modes of operation
1. Manual Mode
Joystick to control single or multi axis closing at the operatorĺs discretion

2. Equal pressure
The operator holds the close button and the beams both close to .5 inches from the case. Then both beams close simultaneously and apply equal pressure.

3. Automatic Squaring
The operator holds the close button and horizontal beam closes to .5 inches from the case. The vertical beam closes all the way to square up the cases against the back stop. The vertical beam then retracts to .5 inches from the case and then both beams close simultaneously with equal pressure.

4. Automatic Driving
The operator holds the close button and the vertical beam closes to .5 inches from the case. The horizontal beam closes and opens three times, providing the pressure to properly seat the joinery and obtain deep glue penetration. After the third opening, both beams close simultaneously.

Additional equipment:
- Machine feet
- Working height approx. 500 mm
- Light barrier as safety curtain along the entire pressing area (on the front side only)
- Special size and special requirements upon request

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