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Guillotines - Medium to High Duty Cycles

SKU#: VM 020 Casati TOP Guillotine
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Product Overview

Hydraulic veneer guillotines.

Product Details

The machines are completely manufactured by welded stress relieved steel.

Complete with a rear feed for the parallel cutting of the veneer pack which is electrically operated from the control panel. The size between the knife and the rear feed is read with a digital readout on front of the machine.

All sliding parts are mounted on self-lubricating material. As no lubrication is necessary, the danger that drops of oil can stain the veneers is avoided.

A front squaring arm on the table helps in cross-cutting operation and angled cuts. The presser is always parallel to the working table through a torsion bar. The knife and presser movements are powered by hydraulic cylinders. Hydraulic oil tank has capacity of L. 150 to ensure max. efficiency and safety.

Most important is that in this machine the knife and the presser are powered by separate motors so any regulation can be separately adjusted.

All these machines are complete with cutting edge light. They have a selector switch so you can choose if you want to work with single manual operations or with complete automatic cycle. Machines are complete with photocells, safety guards, approved equipments.

Model / Throat Size
TOP 2600 / 102 inches
TOP 3200 / 126 inches
TOP 3600 / 141 inches
TOP 4000 / 157 inches
TOP 4500 / 177 inches

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