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Hybrid zipper bag 5 x 10 - $993.00
Hybrid zipper bag 5 x 10 More Info
Pfohl canister glue applicator 150mm - $184.54
150mm canister glue applicator suitable for use with PVA and contact cements. More Info
Pfohl 200mm Hand Held Glue Applicator - $279.02
8 inch Hand Held Glue Applicator More Info
Sabel Roller - $29.95
Ergonomic, hand roller for applying veneers and laminates More Info
Hybrid zipper bag 4 x 8 - $808.00
Hybrid zipper bag 4 x 8 More Info
KHL-1 straight line glue thread applicator - $1187.20
KHL-1 straight line glue thread applicator for hand repairing and end taping More Info
Kuper threader 103071 - $1.16
Kuper 103071 threader for standard heating systems. More Info
96 inch Miracle Veneer Trimmer - $1600.00
For sliding table saws. Joint a single leaf to a full bundle of veneer up to 96 inches long by 20 inches wide, plus a 90 degree cross cut guide. More Info
Aerodux Resorcinol Adhesive - $115.39
Aerodux resorcinol adhesive More Info
UV dye for glues - $35.00
UV Dye - A fluorescing powder dye used to detect finger prints and squeeze out of glue with a black light. One packet of dye added to 2oz. water will dye a 5 gallon pail of adhesive. 10 packets of dye per order. More Info
Glue Spreader - $13500.00
Two roller system available in four and five foot sizes. More Info
6 CFM Vacuum Pump - $889.00
An excellent entry-level vacuum pump, as well as a dependable choice for the professional...... More Info
10 CFM Vacuum Pump - $1210.00
The Hi-Flo vacuum pump was designed specifically for professional woodworking shops that demand durability and dependability from their vacuum pump. More Info
Flip top Frame and Base kit 61" x 97" - $3706.00
61" x 97" flip top frame and base kit More Info
Flip top Frame and Base kit 61" x 121" - $3838.00
61" x 121" flip top frame and base kit More Info

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