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Glue Thread
Glue thread for all makes and models of zig zag splicers, end grain reinforcement machines and composers.

Call for high volume purchasing.

909 NH Glue Thread - $42.30
Thick thread with a higher glue percentage for standard heating. More Info
H11 Glue thread - $10.50
One spool of glue thread for hand held zig zag splicers. Approximately 4,300 feet of glue thread per spool. More Info
910 Glue Thread - standard heat - $43.26
Standard heating systems, standard glue density More Info
911 Glue Thread - standard heat - $47.12
Standard heating systems, medium glue density. More Info
921 Glue Thread - hot air heat - $49.82
Hot air heating systems, standard glue density. More Info

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